Astrology and Numerology

All ancient science has a deeper meaning to it than what meets the eye. When in fact people have spent thousands of man years working on something, researching on something they deeply believe in and are passionate about, there ought to be really good reason for it.

And that good reason is the belief in the credibility of the science being pursued. Medicine is one such science form which has been in practice for thousands of years now in the world and that tells a lot about it. In fact, it is only because of the thousands of years of study on it by various people of amazing skill that probably mankind as a whole enjoys the fruits of all that research work.

Coming to think of it, another ancient art form and a science like Medicine, has been people's interest in the amazing field of Mathematics. The art and craft of describing things abstract is how people define the science of Mathematics and it is mainly thanks to people's interest in the field that has them research in the subject for years and a lot of scientific progress in the world, in terms of all sciences like Medicine, Astrology and Numerology, Physics, Astronomy among other things owes a lot to the researchers of Mathematics.

Astrology and Numerology, one of the oldest sciences of the East, India and China more specifically, has been a booming business market of late. In fact, it is this boom in the need for educated, skilled and intuitive practitioners of Astrology and Numerology that has led to the huge protests against it.

When people realize that some occupation is money making, a lot of them tend to dress themselves as authentic practitioners, in this case of Astrology and Numerology, and their bad acts cause people at large to question the credibility of the sciences.

It is important to realize that Astrology and Numerology are very old sciences and there is a large basis and work of scientific proof beneath them. And that is why one should not let the dummies to make fun of the science or disrespect it's original motives, intentions and capabilities.