Astrology books review

There are numerous books on astrology across the globe than anyone could imagine. Apart from the books for the experts, there are big deals of books available for the beginners or the pros. Astrology is an instrument, which can give clues about one’s behaviour, about his profession and about his weaknesses and strengths. Astrology is not something that should be felt; it is something to be learnt. Astrology is nothing but understanding a set of symbols & ideas and thereby matching them to get the desired results. Astrology, as stated by Albert Humphrey, can be used to develop a real Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (called as SWOT) analysis for every person.

A beginner must learn lots of books related to astrology and check his knowledge by applying that in day to day life. There is a strong relation between astrology and profession. It is usually seen on two levels: Personal and Organizational levels. Personal as the name suggests defines one’s professional route in life and organizational level refers to the company’s advancement and efficiency. Since people are the basic blocks in any organization, it is better to understand them. Understanding the people means knowing their strengths and weaknesses, their best position in company and their behaviours.

These factors will help the company to take important decisions on making equilibrated teams without any hassles and on how to motivate them for the betterment of the organization. Thus the basics of astrology books come in handy for the people to take certain calculated decisions in their life, which could influence their future a lot. Some astrologers do mistake by thinking that they know everything in astrology just after reading 3 or 4 books. In order to improve the skill and efficiency, it is necessary to read books and see what others are thinking.